All abstracts must be prepared in English. Abstracts will be accepted only through the “Online Abstract System” on our website. Abstracts sent through e-mail, fax, ordinary post or delivered by hand will not be evaluated. Please carefully check all text for errors before submitting into the system as the quality of your submission may strongly affect the outcome of the reviewer’s scoring of your abstract.

The summaries of oral and poster presentations will be collected online and printed as it is sent without any correction service.

Abstracts must be written in English, the aim of the study and the method used are briefly mentioned. The main results with eventual conclusions should be placed here as well. Acronyms should not be used in summary.

All abstracts (including title, name, surname, etc.) should not exceed 250 words.

In the abstract, only the first letters should be capitalized (abbreviations are exceptions).

The addresses of the authors should be stated. The summary of oral/poster presentations should include the title, name of authors and institution.

At least one of the authors of the study should be registered at the conference.

Only barcovision will be used for oral presentations. Oral presentations should be prepared as 4: 3 power point presentations.

The abstracts that do not comply with any of the above rules may be excluded from the evaluation irrespective of their content.

Poster presentations have to be prepared in following dimensions:

  • Orientation: portrait
  • Size: 70 x 100 cm

Please keep in mind that posters will be taped and proper paper weigh should be chosen. Materials for taping will be provided at the registration desk.